Weather forecast looking unfavourable from Monday night. We are heading for Southport as a definite stop to get some good rest to help us through what may be nasty conditions. Still tossing up inside Fraser with outside, but it will depend on freshness of people and weather conditions. watch this space…

Leaving Sydney

What a gorgeous day we had to leave. Cold with a chilly westerly, but sunny and smiles all round. After a last minute panic, forgetting the cat food, Fran went to get it while we packed the last of the gear. We had a few well wishers call and drop by, and then headed off […]

Eve of departure

So, last day at work. It’s felt like it could never happen, but somehow I got everything done, and managed to leave at about 6pm. So long ASIC for 2 whole months! Arrived to find a boat full of fresh food that needed stowing: And the fridge and freezer were full of meat and dairy! […]

Sunday 24 July

Another full day of sorting where stuff goes, but surprisingly clothes seem to fit easily! It’s novel to have space to hang clothes in cupboards that are usually full of race gear! The big job planned for the day was getting the main sail back on, after a stint back at the loft. This is […]

Counting down

Provisioning. Never a simple job, especially when you are trying to think about where it will all fit, and you have to “be prepared” for any eventuality! I knew that Clare had a great spreadsheet for Pilgrims provisioning, so rather than trying to create my own inept version, I asked if she would mind sharing. […]

Saturday 23 July

With one week before our expected departure, it was crucial to ensure we have a place for everything we need, we don’t carry too much excess, and that things are accessible. Most of our large storage space is under beds or seats, so when packing stuff away, we have to think about storing stuff for […]

Preparing for Departure

So this year, Pete and I are taking Wine-Dark Sea north. We will retrace the steps we took last year on Pilgrim, but heading as far north as Magnetic Island. We will be taking friends, meeting friends, racing at Airlie Beach and Magnetic Island, then cruising home to Sydney. If we can just get ourselves […]