So unhappily, we made it as far as Palm Cove, before our trusty water maker blew a high pressure hose. Obviously we had not performed all our checks adequately, so we turned around and headed back to Cairns, as we did not have a spare on board. We anchored in the river this time, just […]

Farewell to Cairns

The installation of Sadie (as she has come to be known), the new sail drive, went as smoothly as we could have hoped, with the guys from McLeod engineering doing a great job. They were able to have us ready for a lift back into the water by Friday lunchtime, and ran a sea trial […]

Daintree Dreaming

  After spending most of the day getting used to being high and dry at a somewhat jaunty angle, we headed in to town for dinner. Whilst we could still cook aboard, washing up had to be taken down the ladder into the laundry/kitchen, so made cooking less attractive. We decided to find the Spicy […]


Fran and I got up early on the Wednesday and headed off up the big hill to the Atherton Tablelands. Our first stop was the Cathedral Fig, which was spectacular in a different way from the Curtain Fig, having way more ecosystems growing in its crown. These figs are quite something else, with a huge […]


We have now been in Cairns for nearly two weeks, and are beginning to get to know the place pretty well! We arrived on Sunday 1 October, had a cracking crab fest dinner at the Raw Prawn, then waved goodbye to Fran and Choppa temporarily on the Monday. With no trades available over the weekend, […]


On waking the next morning, neither Choppa nor I felt so lucky. Poor Choppa had had a sleepless night, finding his arms covered in itchy bites which had kept him awake all night. I had a few, but had managed to sleep most of the night, so handed over the stingoes for Choppa to see […]