Home Port Ahoy!

We were fortunate to have four volunteers to assist with our delivery of Wine-Dark Sea for the 380 nautical mile trip back to Sydney. Trent was flying at lunchtime so would arrive at the Gold Coast with Pete and I, and Dick, Doug and Ryan were to arrive around 7 pm. Pete, Trent and I […]

The Final Countdown…

So we have managed to persuade some of our trusty crew to replace Smudge and Noodles for the delivery back to Sydney from the Gold Coast. This is a very good thing! We are flying up on Friday, with the aim of leaving around 7 pm on the outgoing tide. The forecast is interesting with […]

The Road Trip

A few pics above to catch up with some of the stories you have already heard, and to show you how pleased the cats were with the road trip decision! We got the berth we were after at Mariners Cove and spent the day preparing the boat for being left, but also making sure she […]