Dolphins and fairy penguins

We departed Newy at 0930 with two excited six year olds wanting to know when we were going to sail! We had to negotiate an incoming ship first, which arrived earlier than scheduled and needed four tugs to assist. We got a close look at ship and tugs! Once out of the harbour the forecast […]

Next stop…

Its been a lovely week at Newcastle and we have seen lots of Stu, Megan, Sophie and Caitlin. We have also been able to borrow cars, which has made reprovisioning easy. We also had a visit from Jacqui and Alan, who came up the evening Pete had to head back to Sydney, so I got […]

Destination Newcastle

Just a quick report to confirm that we checked the weather this morning and changed our minds about waiting until Wednesday! The earlier forecasts had Wednesday with a 15 knot westerly, but this morning it was a 25-30 knot north westerly going southerly. Right direction but too strong when combined with 4-5 meter seas. So […]

One cruise ends, another begins…

The last few days have been filled with fun and laughter and continuing to build on great friendships. The Squadron Cruise is a great mixing pot of people all shapes and sizes who share a love for their boats and sailing. The most striking thing to us on Wine-Dark Sea is the great camaraderie of […]

Taking the plunge

We finally got everything on board, though I think we will continue to rationalise! Pete contacted a couple of Holden dealers to see if he could get the car traded in today, Saturday, but we decided that he should arrange the deal when he comes back from Newcastle. This would allow us to get to […]


So finally WDS was relaunched at 4pm yesterday and arrived back at the Squadron at 5, in time for Cruise Committee meeting and the Cruise Briefing. No work done last night, but we have started this morning 😄 and we feel like we are now making progress. Pictures are last Freshie sunset, the view from […]

Living in the car!

No photos today, sorry, just a quick check in to let you know the lack of progress. We have been working so hard the last 8 weeks, clearing the house and storing our “keep” items, as well as selling as much as possible. However, the big hold up has been the boat yard. We took Wine-Dark […]