Counting down

Provisioning. Never a simple job, especially when you are trying to think about where it will all fit, and you have to “be prepared” for any eventuality! I knew that Clare had a great spreadsheet for Pilgrims provisioning, so rather than trying to create my own inept version, I asked if she would mind sharing. Being the best buddie she is, of course she sent it straight through!

I am currently up to my eyeballs in spreadsheets at work, managing a response to the regulator, so I wasn’t looking forward to working through yet another in my down time! However, working out how many tins of tomatoes you need for at least the first 10 days is a different thing from trying to explain the differing remuneration structures across our business. Needless to say completing my provisioning spreadsheet was effortless in comparison.

On Thursday night, Pete and I hit Coles for an hour and a half and 2 trolleys worth of dry stores. At least we didn’t have to carry it up the stairs at home. We did have a crisis with the frozen peas, where we had to hunt them down by unpacking in the shopping centre, but we eventually found them and they were the only item to come upstairs!

On Friday, Pete got to the boat around midday and put all the shopping aboard ready for me to work out where it was all going to fit. He then got to work on replacing the HF cable, getting tools and stuff all over the saloon. When I arrived after work, pretty tired after a day’s spread sheeting, Wine-Dark Sea was resplendent with her new cockpit LED lighting, and the hammock chair in residence. I immediately relaxed in the hammock chair while Pete tidied his stuff away enough for us to get the shopping off our bed so we had somewhere to sleep.

We checked what I had packed for dinner, but the fridge being so efficient now, the fish was still frozen solid. Whilst I could have easily come up with an alternative from all the shopping, I could not face it and so we headed up to the club instead. After eating, we retired to the boat, put on pyjamas, made tea and watched Offspring whilst eating chocolate! We then retired for an early night. I expected to sleep heavily, but it wasn’t to be. We had very heavy rain, which meant I had to get up and close hatches, then the wind got up as a front came through, so it was very noisy and the boat snatched at her mooring lines. By the time the alarm went off at 7, we were more tired than when we went to bed!

Pete made coffee, we had cereal and then I headed home to feed cats, pick up more gear and have pedicure.

Results of my pedicure!

One thought on “Counting down

  1. I’d have shared my holiday spreadsheet too (although it’s non food based)! Love the toes – open shoes at least one day at work before going please…..


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