Leaving Sydney

What a gorgeous day we had to leave. Cold with a chilly westerly, but sunny and smiles all round. After a last minute panic, forgetting the cat food, Fran went to get it while we packed the last of the gear.

We had a few well wishers call and drop by, and then headed off about midday, to get well ahead of the southport race fleet. We sailed, it was more comfortable than motoring, but as we approached late afternoon, the breeze got light.

We spent a long afternoon motoring, with occasional sailing, and were in sight of most of the race fleet. Pete listened to the race sched and heard about a protest that had several boats retired at the start. We speculated about what had happened as we progressed up the coast.

After a warming diner of chilli con carne, we started watches at 8, with 2 hours on, 2 hours off through the night. Fortunately we managed to sail most of the night mainly around 5 kts, until early morning saw us pick up more breeze to get along at 8 knots.The cats had an uncomfortable night for their first offshore overnight. Noodles pretty much jammed herself in the tightest corner and is yet to emerge.

Smudge spent 4-6 am watch on deck with Choppa and I and then snuggled into my berth with me at 6 am.

As I finish this morning, we are chilly, breakfasted and hoping t breeze comes more from the west today. Photos to follow once I charge the iPad.

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