Middle Percy

19/8/19 After a bit of a sleep in and a hearty breakfast we radioed the homestead to see it Cate was taking visitors. She was so we headed into the beach. Greg and Lindy had their first tour of the famous A-frame. I went in search of the Wine-Dark Sea mug that Sarah and I […]

Mooloolaba – Middle Percy Island

16/8/19-18/8/19 As relaxing as it was to be snugged up in Mooloolaba, we had to keep moving. Another overnight was in store and we departed Mooloolaba with a goal to get to Lady Musgrave around midday the following day. We left Mooloolaba at 0640, after the obligatory coffees of course. Our only real drama was […]


12/8/19-15/8/19 Sorry about the delay in the post but we have been moving along and when we have stopped we have generally been out of range. Get ready for an influx of news though Following our delayed start we decided to head up to Kirribilli for a “last supper”. We were joined by a rather […]

Delayed Departure

Stowage is now complete and the boat rigged ready to go. Somehow we did manage to stow all the booze. One might say enough booze to sink a ship but I think we have just managed to lower the waterline a centimeter or two. From memory we are sporting 6 packs of Moet, Bollinger, Piper […]

Boat prep and Northward bound

Boat preparations are going well, but not without the normal number of hiccups. A couple of jobs hanging over from her lift out are yet to be finalised. The toe rails are yet to be replaced and I have been advised they will be wood and not nylon as previously advise. Lighter but more maintenance […]