Petey Pies Party

Pete’s birthday dawned cloudy after another night of thunder storms. We had card and present opening in bed, the gift I found at the winery yesterday, was a hit. It wasn’t wine! We had coffee all together and then Pete and I went off for a walk along the river. We walked the length of […]

Road Trip Day

This was the day of the Pilgrim, who shook, rattled and rolled us northward, back towards Perth. We had decided to make a long board to the north, allowing us a whole day in one place for Pete’s birthday. It was my turn for driving, so my first trip was from the camp site to […]

Valley of the Giants

We departed Fonty’s Pool on a very warm morning, without a final swim. Our heading was south east, back towards the coast, to see some even bigger trees than the Diamond Tree. We packed up Pilgrim and were on the road by 1000, this time with dad at the helm. As we cruised he highway […]

The Karri Forests

We departed Augusta after breakfast, deciding not to swim. We had a lot of rain in the night and it passed through leaving clear skies, but a cold on- shore southeasterly, so swimming definitely not as attractive as yesterday. However, our fire still had embers glowing – the remains of the dragon! We went through […]

Another day, another Cape…

We had a slow start to the day, taking it easy after 2 days of climbing in and out of caves, heading around to Cape Leeuwin around 1100. The weather was warm, but it was very windy, blowing strongly from the west. It was a short drive from the camp, around the coast line of […]

Going underground

After breakfast and filling our water tank, we departed our campsite to once more head below ground, this time to Mammoth Cave. Despite checking everyone’s wallets and pockets, we could not locate our two cave pass bought yesterday, when we arrived at the cave. Prepared to have to shell out another entry fee, the Cave […]

Margaret River

We departed Busselton early, heading out via a mall to stock up with staples, as well as find SIM cards for mum and Dad. Interestingly, the Telstra shop was shut, but Coles were selling $50 sims at a discount, so they got two $50 sims for $40! Bargain. We drove south, heading towards Gracetown and […]

Underwater world

On Saturday morning Pete and I got up early, had breakfast and headed off to Busselton to the Dive Shop, leaving mum and Dad cwched up in bed. Arriving at the shop,  we filled in paperwork then I spent about an hour getting into my wetsuit, but it was the right fit and I was […]

Land Cruising – Margaret River

A holiday with a difference for us – on land. Mum and Dad decided to take the direct flight to Perth, so we agreed it might be fun to tour Margaret River in a campervan. Pete and I flew to Perth on Sunday, and mum and Dad arrived Tuesday. We picked them up in the […]