North West Island

We woke on Saturday to much more pleasant conditions than the previous day, having had a reasonable night on the anchor. We checked the forecast, and decided to head off straight away, having coffee and breakfast en route to North West Island. There was a light South Westerly breeze which allowed us to set full […]

Keppel Bay

Our first task on arrival at Keppel Bay Marina was to stop by the fuel dock and fill up with diesel. Whilst untying us to leave, I tripped over one of the huge dock cleats, and gave my foot a big clout. It hurt like crazy, but I had to get on with the berthing, […]

In the tropics

As always, waiting for the perfect weather can be a double edged sword. While you are waiting, you are watching good conditions go to waste! We had another 3 nights at Pancake Creek, carefully watching the forecast oscillate from good for the reef, no good, good again to unlikely to eventuate. A crappy little trough […]

Pancake Creek photopost

Decided to push on tomorrow, as waiting for the perfect weather is taking up sailing time! In the meantime, have put together some photos of our exploration of the Creek. Unfortunately, the turtles and dugongs that visit in the evening have been too camera shy to star, but I hope you like the offering anyway […]

Waiting for weather

The anchorage at Rocky Point was sufficient but not comfortable. Whilst out of the main tide, we were still more affected by the tide than wind, despite a 10-15 knot southeasterly. This set us as stern to the wind-over-tide activity which was not pleasant. In addition, the wake from the passing tugs sent our stern […]


The decision to head to¬†Gladstone was due to Pete having to go back to Sydney for another meeting, as well as our desire not to leave the Bunker and Capricorn Groups unexplored. We had also never been to Gladstone, so we felt it was a good opportunity to see this part of Australia. In addition, […]

Race is on!

We had a very quiet night at anchor in Pancake and were woken around 6:15 am, by Marquise and Koonya, departing the anchorage. We slowly got ourselves in gear, and left about an hour later, following their sails on the horizon. The southeaster gradually strengthened up from 8 knots, and we ended up spanking along […]

Pancakes at Pancake Creek

We had a cracking sail up to Pancake Creek, arriving around 3pm, beating Kandu but not Supertramp, who was comfortably anchored between Koonya and Marquise. We set our anchor on the same co-ordinates as last time, near a catamaran who should have been in the shallower section! He had gone by morning. Intending to have […]

Farewell to Bundy

On Friday morning we got up early to make the best use of still having the Ute for provisioning. We managed to fit in a visit to the farm produce shop, Coles, OPSM in Sugarland to pick up my contact lenses, a trip to the courthouse for Pete to get a stat dec signed for […]

Return of Cap’n Pete

Monday dawned bright and warm again and after a double coffee and breakfast I got to work on the stern polishing. On Sunday we had had two new boats arrive on the arm, both from Sydney. I had chatted briefly to them to let them know I would have a car on Monday to pick […]