Home again

Pete and I are home, the cats are back from prison and we commence a new era. Pete is starting his own business, and I will be returning to work. We are looking forward to sailing Wine-Dark Sea again, and taking some of our learnings from our cruise with Paul, Clare and Pilgrim and applying […]

Coffs Harbour to Pittwater

I managed to drag myself out of bed for the line throwing and exit of the harbour. It was uncomfortable as the sea was still up though there wasn’t much breeze. We exited at around 8am, and turned south under engine at around 7 knots. We put up the main to steady our motion, and […]

A day at Coffs Harbour

Lazy morning lolling around in pyjamas, drinking tea and coffee, catching up on email, and other electronic stuff. Text from mum to say they are following the blog, which is great. Wind is whistling through the rigs all around us, but we aren’t heeling today, so that’s a bit better. A little rain passing through […]

Day 11 Return to NSW waters

I woke at around 8am, with another glorious blue sky overhead. Pete stuck his head on my door and checked if I wanted coffee. I luxuriated in bed with a coffee and my book for about an hour, then realised that my iPhone time had changed for NSW and that I really should have been […]

Day 10 departure Tin Can Bay

A beautiful morning, with very light breeze, sunshine and a million tinnies buzzing around fro the first crack of daylight! It’s busy out here this morning as I sit on deck with my cup of tea and I could stay here forever. Such a great little place, good crabbing, good provisioning and great yacht club. […]