Sunday 24 July

Another full day of sorting where stuff goes, but surprisingly clothes seem to fit easily! It’s novel to have space to hang clothes in cupboards that are usually full of race gear!

The big job planned for the day was getting the main sail back on, after a stint back at the loft. This is never an easy job and requires at least two other people to help Pete and I or it ends in divorce! We were fortunate to have helpers in Al, Larissa and Cooper, Choppa, Snowy and Will so in just over an hour the main was battened, attached to the mast track, all 3 reef lines run and a couple of hoists and drops.

Safely tucked away in the boom bag, the main was now ready to set. I completed cabin stowage and got the storage cabin organised so there is room for cats to hide and not get squashed, as well as additional space for the extra gear we are bound to find next weekend.

Snowy stowed a lot of her stuff and Choppa put his wet weather gear in the hanging locker. There is still space for plenty more plus heaps of living space, so it’s quite gratifying to realise just how roomy the boat is, knowing we will be living on her next year!

Jane, Row, Fran and Choppa joined us for mulled wine, though I had tea instead. I had intended to invite all regular crew, but my addled brain had used the crew list for those coming north, which is why responses had been limited or not there at all! So our final crew farewell was subdued, but it was a lovely evening to sit in the cockpit and watch the sun set, if freezing cold!

Pete and I took Wine-Dark Sea back to her mooring, and left her feeling excited that the next time I step aboard, I won’t be stepping off until we are in Queensland.

I promise more photos in future blogs ⚓️

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