Monday (I think!)

Yes, we still have colds but mine is not man flu anymore! After one more night at anchor (no dramas!) in Horseshoe Bay, we motored around to the Marina, about 5 miles around the corner. We moored up and found the showers and began to feel a little better. It was good to know we […]


Horseshoe Bay, Maggie, Friday 26th August Pete and I both have colds. At least Pete has a cold, but I am sure I have man flu! Runny nose, sore throat, headache that would kill a small child, no energy, general feeling of wanting to sleep and nothing else. Back in Sydney, this would call for […]

And now for cruising…

So Friday saw a pretty slow start to the morning with quite a few hangovers around the place! Gradually though, recovery took place and packing up happened. Trent departed at around 10.15 to catch his ferry, the Wulffs and Hally left shortly after and Snowy managed to hitch a ride to Hammo around 10.30. We […]

Airlie race week

Its been a mixed week, with 3 beautiful sunny days at the start of the week, and rainy since lay day. We had hoped to get the relaxation flotation station into action on the lay day, but it was not to be. Instead, full boat covers, and most of us tucked up below. I went […]