Here we go again…

…a little scaled back though. Today we finally start the 2021-2022 sailing season. I’ve decided to back my racing off for a few reasons, so I am only planning to do Friday twilights. I might throw in a regatta here and there depending on crew interest. One of the main reasons was that over the […]

Sorry its been so long…

….but COVID has made a right mess of things for all of us hasn’t it. So what’s been happening? (I can’t believe my last post was for Sarah’s birthday last year) At that time I was newly installed in my brand-new-second-hand apartment in Dee Why. I’m well settled in now and have ripped up the […]

Happy Birthday Sarah

Today would have been Sarah’s 56th birthday. Today I feel her loss as keenly as the day she was taken from us all too soon. I can’t help but think what we would have been doing. I suspect we would have, as I have this morning, gone down and watched a beautiful sunrise over the […]

Keep it cool

Tech talk with Pete today I was inspired to have a look at Wine-Dark Sea’s cooling system after Sunday’s CYCA Winter Series race (which we won by the way). I saw another yacht blowing steam out their exhaust. We told them and they shut their engine down straight away most likely saving their engine from […]

One year on…

Today is one year since Sarah Goddard-Jones, my Little Welsh Dragon and soulmate passed away. Over the long weekend (at least in Australia) friends of Sarah all around the world have remembered her in their own way. Not surprisingly this has generally involved champagne, and lots of it. On Sunday, the Wine-Dark Sea crew got […]

COVID times

Like 2019 wasn’t enough of a shit show. Welcome to 2020! It is early days but I’m not holding my breath about getting Wine-Dark Sea up north this year. In Wine-Dark Sea news, we got back racing but the season was quite disjointed given the late return of Wine-Dark Sea, the repair work she required […]

More Tragedy for Wine-Dark Sea

Tragedy has unfortunately followed Wine-Dark Sea further into 2019. As many of you may be aware Wine-Dark Sea was involved in a fatal sailing accident on Sunday night of the October long weekend (6/7 October). It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write that person was Hugh Lachlan Macready. Hugh was an experienced […]

Magnetic Island Race Week

Tropical Race weeks have to be approached in a pragmatic fashion. Often crews arrive to find themselves apparent “handicapped out”. The reality is that until you are out on the race track you don’t really know. Having coming 2nd twice before at Magnetic Island Race week, the race committee should have had a good read […]