COVID times

Like 2019 wasn’t enough of a shit show. Welcome to 2020!

It is early days but I’m not holding my breath about getting Wine-Dark Sea up north this year.

In Wine-Dark Sea news, we got back racing but the season was quite disjointed given the late return of Wine-Dark Sea, the repair work she required after “the incident”, the disruption of sailing season due to Sail GP and then the curtailing of the season due to COVID-19 restrictions.

I have not been idle though. Like many of you, I have taken the opportunity to move things forward on the maintenance front. This has included new jib sheets, new main sheet, replacing the RO membranes in the water maker, fixing the gimbals on the stove, ordering a new spinnaker (already delivered) and a new mainsail. I’m sure I’ll continue to find more jobs to do.

In other news I have mapped out something of a plan for the next few years. This included going up to Magnetic Island each year to supervise the Sarah Jane Goddard-Jones trophy selection. It also included the Sydney-Auckland race on 30th Jan 2021 and the Melbourne-Osaka 2-handed race in March 2023. We’ll just how all that pans out in the wake of the current predicaments.

Another early prediction is that the AC2021 will be postponed due to the disruption to research, development, construction and training. If F1 have moved everything back a year then it is likely other development sports will as well, but we’ll see.

Stay safe. Stay home.

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