One year on…

Today is one year since Sarah Goddard-Jones, my Little Welsh Dragon and soulmate passed away. Over the long weekend (at least in Australia) friends of Sarah all around the world have remembered her in their own way. Not surprisingly this has generally involved champagne, and lots of it.

On Sunday, the Wine-Dark Sea crew got out for their first race since COVID restrictions stopped racing in March. Quite fittingly it was CYCA Winter Series Ladies day. A little known piece of SJGJ trivia is that Sarah was the first ever female member of the CYCA Sailing Committee. Yet another understated legacy of this special woman.

On Monday there was a gathering of over 30 people on Freshwater beach (aren’t we naughty flaunting the health order). The champagne flowed free as we watch the sun set on the first year without our beloved Sarah. The following is the speech that I wrote but didn’t quite get through completely. Those that were there know that I got the essence over the line.

Thank you all for coming. Some of you know that I was not 100% comfortable marking this day. The reason for this is that I don’t feel right celebrating Sarah’s death. Her death was a tragedy and that must be acknowledged. It is Sarah’s life that should be celebrated and remembered. Thankfully Sarah has provided us with so many uniquely Sarah moments that we will remember forever. Whether it be

Her smile and laugh that would light up a room regardless of how crap her day had been 5 minutes beforehand

Insisting on Champagne sailing (and I don’t mean nice weather)

Her beautiful effortless skiing followed by a lunch of homemade gluhwein, baguette and cheese in the snow.

Her graceful surfing, despite her whinging about how long it was taking to get to her feet

Her general love of the water despite her being a crap swimmer and her inability to duckdive at all.

Wearing a unicorn horn to high powered meetings at work

Random acts of swearing…also at work or any occasion really

Singing at the top of your voice …badly

The macchiato master

Proving too many LED lights is never enough

Queen of the inappropriately funny birthday cards

Introducing us all to Butter bombs and her ubiquitous Scarborough Chardonnay

The list truly could go on forever

We each have our moments that we will cherish forever and we will remember her daily. Such was Sarah’s ability to impact our lives even with the briefest of encounters or mildest of comments. We are all better people for having Sarah in our lives. I luckily got the benefit of Sarah 24/7 for 14 years and I will be eternally grateful for the person she has made me and the person she allowed me to be with all her unconditional love and support.

I didn’t take any photos of the gathering but I know there were some being taken. Feel free to post them in the comments on the Facebook feed.

4 thoughts on “One year on…

  1. Good words. I had only a brief meeting with you two on Middle Percy Island, but (no offence to you) it was my conversation around the goat curry with Sarah that led me to subscribing to your blog and following along.


  2. So sad, having been a victim of Sarah’s singing ” Like a Virgin” original words ! Loud & Flat…
    so, much missed by many in Swansea. Mike,,,, Mumbles Yacht Club


  3. Thank you for sharing such a special time .. as matthew says above, we only met briefly at Middle Percy Island at gbe Homestead, but i remember the vibrant beautiful welsh woman Sarah who i enjoyed sharing memories of wales with. May we all meet in the next realm of peace and love and life. Until then, i thank you peter for allowing us to take on sarahs iphone, which has made life so much easier for us with us super duppa new fangled abilities . Itll always be in my heart thats its loaned by sarah so i can let her know one day when we meet as spirits at the resurrection of GODs children . May your sailing days be many of joy and success of winning the races and sharing friendships .💖 Cate


  4. I got a FB reminder of 3 years ago when we all trekked up to the lighthouse at Cape Capricorn and had a fabulous BBQ on the beach at Pancake Creek. We were so lucky to have shared that cruising time with you and Sarah. Special memories of a special lady. Xx Janet


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