Living in the car!

No photos today, sorry, just a quick check in to let you know the lack of progress. We have been working so hard the last 8 weeks, clearing the house and storing our “keep” items, as well as selling as much as possible. However, the big hold up has been the boat yard. We took Wine-Dark Sea for a haul out and check over on 3 April, expecting at worst to have her back to live on by 7 April, but we are still waiting for her to be relaunched ☹️.

No issues with the work that had to be done, just a few weather hold ups, which has been very disappointing. Our Easter plans are not looking good just now, as with only one day before Easter, we still have to pack, provision and stow. We simply won’t be able to head off until Saturday at the earliest, and that’s looking questionable.

We are moved out of 1 Hill Street, except for one more carload in the store room. We spent the last 2 nights at 27 Hill Street, with thanks to our very good friends The Smarties, and hope to at last be aboard Wine-Dark Sea tonight, though we have a cruising committee meeting at 5:30 followed by the briefing, so we wont get much loaded today.

On the brighter side, we have made our meat order at Butcher and Chef, with Tom, who will have our order cryovacced and ready after 2 pm today 😊🥓🍖🌭🍔. The Goon Bag is launched and ready for action and we have all our important possessions with us everywhere we go in the car! At the moment, it feels a lot like the car is home 😂. We hope that this evening we won’t have to sleep in the car, but anything could happen!

Off to have my skin cancer check up now, will try to do a picture post soon.

One thought on “Living in the car!

  1. Bon voyage Sarah & Pete! “Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!” Looks like you had a fantastic time in Melbourne … love that tipsy pudding : )


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