Progressive Dinner


Tuesday dawned with glorious sunshine and a trip to Cottage Rock for a freshwater shower after a beach swim. Breakfast of hot cross buns and coffee and a leisurely preparation to head to Refuge Bay for the evenings progressive dinner.

We picked up a mooring, had some lunch, then launched the inflatable menagerie, spending a few hours snoozing in He inflatable lounge, before having an afternoon beverage in the lounge watching the race boats return.

We were joined by Tula, the first of our Progressive guests, then Hell Razer and Kirribili joined us in quick succession. It went from relaxed to frantic very quickly, but luckily Fran and Chop had the potatoes and pumpkin prepared as the guests rafted up.

We started with pre dinner drinks on Hell Razer, and Olwen from Kirribili, the smallest boat in the raft, produced the first of a succession of sensational items. Delicious salmon dip, with a rum cocktail, though this was at the expense of the cocktail shaker overboard 🙁. Olwen was also preparing the entree – not a small feat, considering she was cooking for 15! A fantastic salmon pasta, beautifully presented in bamboo boats, and devoured in seconds by the hungry participants.

Our lamb butterfly was on by now, but the potatoes were going very slowly in the oven and I was worried they would, not be crispy. So Tula came to the rescue with “secondi ” of spicy chorizo pasta and garlic bread, which probably saved the evening.  The lamb resting, the potatoes finally crisped up and we were able to serve main course which just stretched to feeding 15. So far this trip I have managed to cater exactly for the numbers to feed with no left overs – very unusual for me!

Final course of the night by Sue on Hell Razer was a “midnight kiss” cocktail, with apple crumble and cream. We put anti freeze (that’s what it looked like but aparently it was blue Curacao!), then Pete saubraged two bottles of champagne to add to the blue, making a rather yummy tipple. It went exceedingly well with the apple crumble.

Slowly guests disappeared to bed, leaving the hardy few drinking and chatting on deck, until we wrapped up at about midnight, well repleat, the liver given a hard workout!

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