Next stop…

Its been a lovely week at Newcastle and we have seen lots of Stu, Megan, Sophie and Caitlin. We have also been able to borrow cars, which has made reprovisioning easy.

We also had a visit from Jacqui and Alan, who came up the evening Pete had to head back to Sydney, so I got some farewell time with Jaq.😢

I have managed to do plenty of walking the last two days, so my body is beginning to feel like it can move again. The aches are receding 😌

We have decided to head to Port Stephens tomorrow as the forecast is conducive, and Stu, Caitlin and Sophie are going to make the trip with us. We are having dinner at the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club tonight, the girls will stay aboard and we will aim to leave early tomorrow. Megan will meet us at Port Stephens.

Stay posted for trip details ⛵️

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