Heading south

Just a quick update for those who have not seen Facebook. We were unable to get the work done on the keel in the Whitsundays. Understandably there is still a lot of Cyclone repair work going on, so finding an available tradesman is next to impossible. Whilst we don’t believe we need urgent repairs, our insurer agrees it is better to get the work done sooner rather than later, so our next option was to try Mackay.

Pete called up the boatyard at Mackay and was able to get a lift out booked for Wednesday. He also managed to get shipwrights, so we decided this was our best option, and would still allow us to keep our commitments, even with time for slippage. It’s 60 miles to Mackay, so getting there is the tough bit, with the next two days forecast to be 15-20 knot SE – right on the nose. Coming back to the Whitsundays should be quick and easy.

We left our anchorage at Airlie this morning at 0600, and have been motoring into awful wind over tide conditions, but we do have two knots of tide helping, and the sun is out. We have also seen some fantastic whale play, which makes up for being kept awake all night by whale song! We hope to anchor briefly at Brampton for a rest tonight, before heading to Mackay tomorrow to get there on the high tide.


3 thoughts on “Heading south

  1. Sounds like we were all at the Airlie Market at the same time! So sorry to here about your mooring trauma 😦 We are now in Bowen, and were told yesterday that people are going to Mackay for repairs because the waiting list here is looooong. Fingers crossed for you guys… I still muse on the Bengals…


    1. Hi Beth, can’t believe we missed you, but we were there very early and the racing to get out of the marina! We managed to get great service at MaCkay and all being well will relaunch tomorrow. We are heading to Magnetic Island for 12 August if you are in the Townsville region?


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