Farewell to Cruising Basil

2016 Cruising basil with Basil Bay, Keswick Island in background

I have to report that unfortunately on Monday 17 July we buried Cruising Basil at sea, between Thomas Island and Shaw. Cruising Basil had sailed over 4000 nautical miles with us, making two trips up through the Whitsundays.

Last year he made his first trip on the water, coming with us from Sydney to Magnetic Island, and doing both Airlie Beach Race Week and Magnetic Island Race Week. He provided us with fresh basil leaves to go with our tomatoes, pizzas, Thai curries and stir frys and so much more, over that whole period.

After six months ashore, back on the kitchen window sill, he was ready to go cruising again, and moved aboard the Wine-Dark Sea with us and all our possessions in April this year. He has worked hard to keep the greenery going through some very hot and dry conditions, but was down to his last shoot as we entered the Whitsundays. Despite our watering him every day and nursing the last little shoots, he finally went to sleep forever 2 days ago.

This morning we wished him bon voyage in the great herb garden in the sky, making the trip from his beloved Whitsundays, and that gorgeous turquoise water. He will be remembered fondly by his many friends, especially those who partook of his good greenery.


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