Emptying the house

This week is serious house emptying. The BBQ and TV unit have now gone, the sofa bed is in the car ready for a road trip to Newcastle, the coffee machine will also go to Newcastle leaving us with shop bought coffees until we move on to WDS! eBay is running hot with our remaining stuff and selling well. By the weekend, we expect that there will be little reason to stay in the unit with no sofa, tv, dining table or bedroom furniture!

Lots of social engagements being fitted in this week, but there will be no time for these next week, as we start living aboard and need to fit the trappings of our lives into a much smaller space, as well as prepare for Easter and the Squadron Cruise. Have not yet got my head around provisioning, that’s next weeks task when I work out what space we do have since I reorganised.

Heading over to WDS today to give her a bottom scrub and remove the covers as there is a gale warning for tomorrow. Hopefully nothing as severe as what has just gone through the Whitsundays…


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