Maggie Lay Day

Another glorious day, no wind. Everyone emerged slowly, and we had a lazy breakfast of croissants and coffee and we discussed the days festivities. Most of the crew were going to head to picnic bay to view the beer can regatta, but Pete and I were going to stay at the boat.

Pete ended up with his head in he quadrant fixing our rudder bearing leak, whilst I inflated all the toys in preparation for an afternoon sea food extravaganza on Pilgrim. We had the paddle board, Pegasus and the relaxation flotation station in the space between us and Tevaki. The palm tree did not make the cut, falling over and not providing adequate shade for the relaxation flotation station.

Clare had ordered tons of prawns and bugs and some fresh fish, and when she arrived with it, it was an astonishing quantity of food, even though there were plenty of people to eat. We started with prawns and bugs, which were delicious, and much later portioned up the Spanish mackerel fillets and Paul BBQd them. We had them with salad and bread, and Sandy, Amy and I were lucky enough to be served in the relaxation flotation station, not without its challenges though!

As the evening wore on, and the tempo increased the music started to get louder and the dancing commenced. Pilgrim became a dance floor and very soon karaoke room too. Memorable songs of the night were “Come on Eilleen” and “Leader of the Pack” but there were many more which drew on fellow yachties on their way home from a big day out! At one point, Lance, Paul and Pete headed off to go crabbing, but on their unsuccessful return, Paul kicked off anyone not Pilgrim or WDS related and the party finally wound down.

A cleansing ale to complete the night, and we finally went to bed, to get ready for another day of racing.

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