Maggie race 2

Another glorious day, begun with bacon and egg rolls – breakfast of champions! As we headed out for the start, there was debate about whether there was enough wind, and sure enough, the committee boat postponed the start.

We drifted about, put on some music and got a bit revved up, dancing on the foredeck, and the breeze filled in, a gentle north easterly, enough to get the race underway.

After a short beat, we put up the new Pilgrim kite and went very nicely with it, until Pete decided it was a great idea to take it shy. That kite does not do shy. We got it down and two sailed the rest of that leg, then I had to pack it. Nightmare. Apart from the fact it’s huge, the bag is too small and it’s impossible to stuff in the bag effectively, so it took forever. In fact it took me so long they were calling for the assy by the time I had finished!

The assy was a much better shy reach option, and we went well with it and even mangled a gybe. When we finished we knew we had not done as well as most of the fast boats had got too far ahead of us, but we had had an enjoyable sail nonetheless. How could it not be, when the breeze is about 12 knots, the sun is out and the sea is sparkling and blue! Oh, and the temperature is about 27 degrees 🌞

Back at the dock, we had post race nibbles and managed to put away another 5 bottles of the monopole and then the dance off started! Alternating Pilgrim crew and WDS crew, we danced to our fave tunes, starting with Trent doing his world famous sex machine. I think that WDS was the clear winner of the dance comp, though we only got a seventh in the race!

We went to the Thai restaurant for dinner, which was good fun, particularly the charades part of the evening, then back to the boats for a PX nightcap, to prepare for lay day the next day!

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