Maggie race 3

Winners are grinners. Yes, we are. Round the island worked for us, 20-25 knots, apart from the lumpy stuff after rounding the last Cardinal (when we probably should have reefed) we did great. We were close enough to the fast boats and far enough ahead of the slower boats to be in the results sweet spot.

It was much windier than the first two days, and the seas had built to a developed short chop, so upwind work was really uncomfortable, but luckily there wasn’t too much of it. Most of our route around the island was reaching or running, and that in lovely sunshine, reminiscent of early Airlie Beach race week. We managed to pass and pull away from both Last Tango and Zoe, who did not get past us until the very last work.

Crew work was good apart from some hiccups that we should have been more diligent in preventing, but they didn’t stop our great result. Back at the dock, into the Monopole for post race refreshments and a big cheer when Pete read out the results! A second big cheer for Clare who delivered a beautifully arranged plate of prawns and bugs as post race snacks. And bigger cheer for bow chick Lorna, who gracefully peeled all the prawns for the rest of us slack crew!

At the presentation we were delighted to get the “chapeau jaune” and the bottle of Pommery, then it was off to the skippers function for Paul and Clare, Pete and I. We boarded the sealink ferry, attended the bar for drinks and as we all settled in, the engine stopped and the lights went out! Much faffing about, and finally we departed in darkness but with free drinks at the bar!

Townsville Yacht Club, the host club was friendly and served some fantastic canapés, but as soon as the Pommery bottles were empty, we were told that it was time to leave! Another pleasant trip home on the ferry, this time with the lights on, and back to WDS for a little PX nightcap with Trent and Ruth, before calling it a night, to prepare for the last days racing tomorrow.

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