Here we go again…

…a little scaled back though.

Today we finally start the 2021-2022 sailing season. I’ve decided to back my racing off for a few reasons, so I am only planning to do Friday twilights. I might throw in a regatta here and there depending on crew interest.

One of the main reasons was that over the last 2 years with all the COVID restrictions in Australia I haven’t had the opportunity to cruise Wine-Dark Sea very much. Restrictions were such that, at times, I was only permitted to go to Wine-Dark Sea to perform essential maintenance.

The other reason is that Wine-Dark Sea is most likely going to need a spell for a few weeks early next year. The reason. A brand new shiny carbon fibre mast is currently being made for her by Axxon masts in Romania. Construction is well underway with the tube being cured in the autoclave this week. Fitout will continue through November with the two piece mast ready for shipping in December. All I need to do is figure how to get it to Australia for a reasonable price given the insane cost of shipping at the moment. Anyone willing to check it in as oversized luggage for a trip to Australia?

Other missing stories…In case you didn’t figure it out through the radio silence, I didn’t go north over winter due to the closure of Queensland to keep COVID out. I promise I will find some adventures to do over summer and keep you posted.

One thought on “Here we go again…

  1. Nice to hear from you Peter. We didn’t go north either this year as we have been renovating our Scotland Island home.
    Hopefully next year will be easier for us all to move around.
    I hope you have been well and keeping busy.
    Do call in when you are next on Pittwater, it would be great to catch up again. I think of you often and wonder what you are up to.
    Beat wishes, Mark and Janet


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