Cows, early morning wine and natural spas

After a fun evening around the wood burning stove, meeting other campers and toasting marshmallows, we set off early to take a look at “Cowtown”. Also known as Cowarumup, the town has created a fun landscape of Friesian cows everywhere, so we stopped and had a look in the local park, hung with the cows and admired the roast on the post – a golden cow at the top of a tall pole!

Cow town area
What can I say?

Leaving Cowtown, we headed north through the countryside, and not surprisingly found a winery! Pete liked the name of it and thought they may also do gin, as it was called Juniper Estate, but it was wine only! So at 1000 in the morning we had our first wine tasting of the day! It was great to be here during the week, as generally we were the only tasters and so we were getting dedicated service from knowledgeable staff who could tell us about the wines and the local area.

Heading north again, we found Gralyn Estate, which had been recommended to us as a good place for port. Whilst we tried their wines, the ports and sticky’s were the winner for us, and we think we found an equivalent to the old Pepper Creek Port, that Mum, Dad and I used to love, but is no longe made. Needless to say, we purchased a few items to keep us hydrated for our trip!

From here we decided to head to Indijup headland where there was reputed to be a “natural spa”. It’s a rocky headland with a hidden Rockpool, filled by the sea crashing through crevices in the rocks. When a big set comes through, the water gushes in and fills the pool with froth and bubbles, just like a spa. Despite the cool sea temperature, Pete and I made the slightly intrepid trip into the pool, while mum and sat on the rocks and cheered us on. After our splash, we had a picnic lunch in the van to avoid the flies, then carried on North to Cape Naturaliste.

Natural spa filling
Grandstand seating!

At the Cape, we did the walk around the lighthouse, stopping to watch the passing whales at a great lookout. We saw several spouting, and some backs, Pete reckons at least one was a blue whale. It’s possible, as when we dived the next day, they had seen Two blue whales at one of the wreck Dives!

Cape Naturaliste tourists

We had fitted a lot into one day, so headed to Busselton where we were camping for the night. On the way, we stopped at KMart to supplement our bedding, with a mattress topper for Pete and I, a couple of extra pillows, a fleece blanket for mum and Dad, and of course a step to access the high storage in the van! Parking at our site, we redid the beds with our extras, had sunset rum and cokes, BBQ steak for dinner and a much better nights sleep with the extras!

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