Wedded Bliss

The resplendent bridal party in nautical stripes at Hamilton Island Yacht Club
We have had the best few days at Hamilton Island, enjoying the nuptials of good friends and crew, Al Chase and his wife, Larissa. Despite some major hangovers on Sunday morning after the rather long session on Saturday afternoon, everyone got to the chapel on time and correctly dressed! Larissa was of course a little late, but what a sensation she caused in her beautiful, nautical striped gown. The bridal party as a whole looked stunning and the flower girls and page boy were all gorgeous, keen to pick up the rose petals they had scattered as they left the church

Even though the weather was slightly inclement, there was so much laughter and joy on the day that the weather did not matter. When we all retired to the HIYC for the reception, we were able to have drinks and canapes on the deck overlooking Dent Passage, before we headed in to dinner. The food and service were great, the speeches of course excellent, and we finished the night with a little dancing, in the best tradition of weddings.

There were not so many hangovers in evidence on Monday as we once again saw the return of sunshine! After a lazy start to the morning, Pete, Row and I wandered over to the resort pool for a spot of lunch and a swim. We ran into the happy couple sho joined us a for a drink before they went off to lunch.

We sadly waved goodbye to Row at 1430 as she headed off to the airport courtesy of Turks, who impressed us by being on time! Pete and I started  preparing for the sunset cruise which we had offered to run for the sailing fraternity at the wedding. By 1600, all were aboard, the wine and champagne were chilled and the cheese platter was set out. Whilst there was no wind, it was a beautiful evening as we pottered slowly under motor up and around Henning Island. We even saw a whale to add to everyones enjoyment. As the sun sank behind the mainland hills, and the sea glassed out, we witnessed a glorious moon rise over Hamilton Island, as the almost full moon set a glittering path on the still water.

We returned to the dock as darkness fell, and everyone headed off to dinner. We were very happy to be invited to join Turks and Cecilia and Beavis and YeeFong for a sumptuous BBQ at their place, with a lift up the hill! It was a perfect end to a very enjoyable few days, as we would be leaving in the morning.

We feel so honoured to have been part of this lovely wedding celebration, and wish Al and Larissa a future which continues to be filled with the joy and happiness we have been surrounded with the last few days.

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