Plans in the sand


I have closed a chapter in my life by starting my two year career break from CBA. An immensely exciting chapter now begins, as Pete and I prepare to move permanently on to Wine-Dark Sea, and go cruising.

The first day of leave was yesterday, 1 March, an auspicious day for Welsh people as we celebrated our national saints day, St David or Dewi Sant. Of course the WDS crew needed a reason to party, so Wednesday twilight was a twilight like no other aboard the good ship WDS. She wore her Welsh flags with pride, sported a human daffodil and a human leek, numerous Welsh rugby shirts and tee shirts as well as belting out Tom Jones on the stereo! We did have four real Welsh people on the boat, everyone else was there because they love the four Welsh people! You can see all the fun on the Wine-Dark Sea facebook page.

With the frivolity out of the way, we have to get down to the very serious business of moving out of home, which involves selling furniture, packing stuff for storage, finding a new home for Smudge and Noodles and fitting all we think we will need into the Wine-Dark Sea. It seems pretty daunting right now, but as our departure is around Easter, we have a bit of time to get organised.

Will keep the blog updated as we progress, so check in when you can. And if you know of anyone who is keen to look after our two gorgeous, cuddly, geriatric Devon Rex’s, please drop me a line. Here is a picture of them to help:



2 thoughts on “Plans in the sand

  1. Love the photos of Smudge and Noodles- wish we could have them xxxxx so excited for your retirement!!! Did you get my email??


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