Happy 2017…where the journey starts.

What an end to 2016! December passed in a whirlwind of social events enhanced with the Festival of Pete – a never ending celebration for Pete’s fortieth birthday. Dev, Suze and Nige again made the trip down under this time for the week ending 16/12. We spent the week on WDS watching Extreme sailing, Big Boat Challenge and generally hanging around the harbour, until we moored in Manly on 16/12 ready for the big party at Moonshine. An awesome time was had by all.

A week later Pete and I celebrated Christmas at Dudley with Stu, Megan, Caitlin, Sophie and Fran and Choppa. A delightful few days, great weather, fantastic food and heaps of fun.

Back to Sydney for Boxing Day and watching the race on the TV at the Lowndes lovely McCars Creek waterfront, catching up with  the ever expanding clan.

We moved on to WDS on 27th, and had a week of catching up with friends around the harbour, including Pilgrim, The Count, the Smarties and various others. We headed to Athol Bay on 30th to find it already busy, but we found a decent spot and settled in to watch the anchoring and resetting mayhem all around us! You seriously don’t need reality TV at this time of year, just watch the fun of anchoring in a very busy anchorage by people who anchor maybe once a year! Gold!

Stu, Megan, Fran and Caitlin and Sophie joined us on 31st and we settled in to eating, swimming, lounging and drinking until we were joined at dusk by Kookaburra. Despite two huge stink boats anchoring outside us and obscuring our view somewhat, we got a great view of the 9pm fireworks, especially when sitting in the boom bag! Caitlin and Sophie loved their first ever fireworks display!

The girls headed off to bed, the Kookaburras came to join us and we passed the time until midnight in conversation and chilling champagne. We welcomed in 2017 watching a fantastic lighting display on the bridge and 6 barges of fireworks whilst supping champagne. Awesome 🎆

Now our countdown really begins. My last day at work will be 28 February. We have a few jobs to do on the boat, as well as selling furniture and deciding what to store. It doesn’t seem like very much time, and it will fly, but I can feel the excitement building. Bring it on!

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