Last days at Maggie

Needless to say, there was a slow start to Wednesday, nonetheless we started the day with bacon and cat eggs. Pete has now perfected the art of cat eggs!

Ruth and Pinga did a trip up the mast to retrieve the spinnaker halyard and mouse the Genoa halyard that we had broken. Whilst up there Ruth took some great photos of Pinga!

The day passed in returning the boat to cruising mode, washing, saying farewell to various departing crew and taking it a little easy. The breeze was still up from the wrong direction, so we booked to stay until Saturday, when it looked like we would have a suitable window to leave.

Clare cooked a cracking roast lamb for dinner on Pilgrim and Michael made his superb bread and butter pud for desert. We had farewelled Karyn, Amy, Pam and Ruth during the day, so now WDS was just Pete, Sa, Trent, Lorna and Sophie had arrived to help us with the delivery, whilst researching her next book. It was of course a quiet night and we headed off to bed around 10.

Thursday was to be a day for exploring Maggie for the WDS crew and Trent arranged a car through Lance. When he came back to tell us the car was ready, he insisted on driving – it was because it was a Jag! So we piled into the Jag, dropped Lorna at her new digs and then went up to the Forts walk. It was a glorious day for it, sparkling and sunny, with good breeze to keep the temperature a little in check, but suddenly it’s hot and humid here.

It was lovely to walk for a change, fabulous views from the gun emplacements all around Cleveland Bay and over the island. We saw a koala on the way down, sleeping in a tree just next to the path! We went to collect Lorna, then headed up to Horseshoe Bay to have a cold beer, lunch and a swim. From there we went to the old car ferry dock and saw loads of rock wallabies, including mums with joeys – so cute! Then to Picnic Bay, a final beer in the pub, to complete our island tour, followed by the bottle shop and food market for salad for dinner.

Back at WDS, Lorna and Sophie created salads and dips, while we showered and relaxed. Pilgrim returned from her sunset cruise, and Paul and Clare rushed off to a formal do they were due at, whilst we had nibbles and drinks, and I cut the last of the Spanish mackerel which we were going to barbecue. As we were thinking about cooking the fish, Paul and Clare returned from their reception, and we all had dinner together. Another early night of course, as the last of the colds were taking their toll.

Friday was final preparation for departure, so last minute washing, boat cleaning, provisioning and so on. However, Pete and I were lucky to have wonderful crew who had given us massages at the Peppers spa as a thank you gift, and at 1 o’clock, it was down tools to head for some relaxation. I had booked a facial as well as a massage so when I finally got out at just after 3, I was feeling fantastic, and my skin finally felt hydrated. Thank you crew! Best present ever!

Paul and Clare persuaded us to go on their sunset cruise, so Trent, Sophie, Pete and I joined them to assist. This felt like a further special treat, as it’s so lovely to be on someone else’s boat for a change, and we had a fabulous evening for it, with Pauls special triple sunset thrown in for good measure! Back at the dock, a quick change then over to Man Friday aka the possum place, for final dinner. We had a lovely warm evening in stark contrast to the first dinner Pete and I had here, and a lovely way to finish our stay at Maggie.

Saturday was departure day and we intended to get away at 10, so quick showers, cereal for breakfast, final prep for going to sea. Then it was fond but sad farewells all around, as we said good bye to Trent, catching the ferry to Townsville, and then sad goodbye to Paul and Clare and Pilgrim. The next time we see them will be in Sydney, but they are not leaving Maggie until the end of September.

At 10, we unmoored and Pete, me, Sophie, Cloggau and Cleo headed out from the Marina, en route to the Whitsundays.



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