Preparing for another race week

Tuesday was another morning of work for me, cleaning the stainless steel, clearing out the the storage cabin and generally getting the boat ready for Pete’s return and racing.  Lunch was aboard Pilgrim, a fantastic plough mans lunch on Clare’s special handmade planchet! After lunch, I dropped Paul at his shed (which is awesome), then Clare drove the rest of us around the island. We went to Picnic Bay, Horseshoe Bay and Arcadia and stopped at Arcadia for a swim on the way back. The weather wasn’t all that sunny, but Sax, Laura and I decided to go for it anyway.

Back to the Marina, expecting Pete to arrive and checking how the ribs were going as we were having ribs for dinner. They were good, so turned off the oven and then greeted Pete as he walked up the dock. He had been on the ferry with Karyn and Amy, who were checking in and then coming down for a drink.

We had a lovely dinner, ribs and wings, dodging the rain on WDS. Main was downstairs, Laura’s fabulous brownie desert was upstairs, and we had a few guys from a large power boat called Fiddler, come and have post dinner drinks with us before they headed off to make space for race boats.

Wednesday dawned a little cloudy and small rain, but we decided that we would go out for the day anyway. We were taking Pilgrims on WDS plus Karyn and Amy and testing out a kite that Paul felt was too small for Pilgrim. As we left the marina, the sun started to peep through, and by the time we got the kite up and set it was glorious, about 12 knots of breeze and 120 degrees apparent, it was a big kite, but we thought we could use it, especially if anything happened to our one spinnaker!

A dry and easy kite drop, engine on, and we pulled into Radical Bay, and dropped the anchor. It was a lovely day by now and everyone jumped in for a swim, the boys heading to the beach, the rest of us staying close to the boat. We then had a lovely BBQ lunch, lots of lolling about and relaxing and we tested out the VJJ both as a deck seat and then in the water. Lots of fun in the water…..

We headed back from Radical at around 2:30, with Amy steering the boat back to Nelly Bay. Sails away, into the marina, clearing up, getting the anchor off, then showers. Ruth and Trent arrived around 5:30, and we settled them in with a welcome drink and then we all headed out to Mama Roma’s for dinner at Picnic Bay, so we got the bus there and back. It’s a new restaurant, that Clare and Paul had not yet tried and we wee all very happy with it. Very Italian, great pasta and lovely people.

Back at the boat, time for a small Pedro Ximinez, before heading off to bed.

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