Monday (I think!)

Yes, we still have colds but mine is not man flu anymore! After one more night at anchor (no dramas!) in Horseshoe Bay, we motored around to the Marina, about 5 miles around the corner. We moored up and found the showers and began to feel a little better. It was good to know we would get a full nights sleep, no need to worry about anchors, and hopefully the colds will ease up.

We spent the day getting settled, tidying and relaxing and then walked up to the fishing shop so Pete could replace the lures and fishing line he lost, and start fishing again. We sussed out the shops, checked into a few, and then back to the boat.

In the evening we booked to go to the Mexican place, but watched the rugby first. It wasn’t pretty. The evening was chillier than expected and I was glad to take my furry hoodie, which I kept on the whole time.

The Mexican is cool, it’s outdoors in lovely gardens and there are friendly curlews and possums who are dropping by your table throughout dinner. I had great fajitas, despite not being able to taste, they were nice and spicy. We also had a litre of sangria, again, couldn’t taste it! During dinner we got chatting to our table neighbours, Susie and Gavin from Townsville, over for the weekend. They were very friendly.

We got back to the boat at about 11, the latest night I have had in weeks! Slept ok, but woke up still groggy, still no taste or smell. Pete was packing for his trip back to Sydney, while I did laundry and then I walked him round to the midday ferry and waved him off. Then it was back to the boat for a thorough clean bow to stern.

Around 1:30, had a text from Clare to say that Pilgrim was on her way, so I would have company tomorrow.

Cleaning took me until around 4pm, when I treated myself to a gin and elderflower, and a sit down. Finally, made a pizza for dinner, did 2 jigsaws, spoke to Pete who had got home and was also having pizza, then took myself off to bed.

I had a great nights sleep and awoke feeling pretty refreshed, to a message from mum and dad about the Grand Prix. Texted Pete who had watched it and he called to fill me in on the detail. He said Pilgrim was almost there, so I turned on the instruments and picked her up on AIS, just about to enter the channel to the marina, so I dressed quickly and walked up to the end of the pontoon to wave hello. I helped them to park next door to us, and then hugs all round, Clare, Paul and also crew of Sax, Sandy-Bob, Ben and Laura and Mike.

After a hearty breakfast aboard Pilgrim, Ben had to jump on a ferry to fly back to Sydney for work, then it was all to work, Pilgrims to remove the main for repairs, me to polish the stern! We worked until about 4, then settled down to drinks and catch up chats, followed by a delightful dinner aboard Pilgrim. Clare gave me my early birthday present of a cat shaped egg ring! Have to make it tomorrow so I can post a photo!

Fortunately the Pilgrims were also in need of an early night, so we all retired to bed about 9. I am looking forward to having Pete back tomorrow 😍

Wine-Dark Sea and Pilgrim at Maggie Marina

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