Airlie Beach Race Week – part 1

The first 3 days of racing were gorgeous sunny days with good breeze allowing us to perform pretty well. Very long races of around 4 -5 hours, very long spinnaker legs and very long upwind legs to finish.

The cats are still unimpressed with going upwind, though I have now found the perfect cat den arrangement for the port cabin. Noodles has learned to stay put in her little igloo for the duration of the race, but Smudge still likes to get involved! He has variously been assisting with navigation, sleeping on spinnakers and checking out on deck.

Results for racing have been 4th, 3rd and 10th, so we are sitting in 3rd place in overall results. We have a day off today with three more races on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The weather has unfortunately turned, with a little rain, clouds and windy stuff, and it looks like it may stay like this for the next few days.

We are hoping to catch up with Pilgrim today or over the next few days, as Paul and Clare have made the trip down from Magnetic for Hamilton Island Race Week. Very much look forward to seeing them 😄.

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