A day at Coffs Harbour

Lazy morning lolling around in pyjamas, drinking tea and coffee, catching up on email, and other electronic stuff. Text from mum to say they are following the blog, which is great. Wind is whistling through the rigs all around us, but we aren’t heeling today, so that’s a bit better. A little rain passing through every now and again, and it’s very cold in comparison with what we have had recently, but all is well on the good ship Pilgrim. We will be having a day in port today, a little provisioning, not too strenuous, then probably heading off tomorrow.

Paul cooked up a fabulous feast of the left over veggies from last night. Bubble and squeak with fried eggs and toast, tea, toast and jam. Washing up done, news on the TV, more relaxing. We filled the water tanks and then puttered over for fuel and had to wait for a trawler to fill up ahead of us. Seemed to take forever, but then he did spend $8000 odd on diesel! I won the guess the amount of fuel competition, so everyone owes me a drink! We drove back to the berth and found Windbourne in beside us in place of Solstice. They had returned from Vanuatu, lucky things, though they must be finding it freezing!

Clare and I pottered up to the supermarket to refresh the provisions, and check out the restaurant options, and then made guesses about what the boys would be up to. Top of the list was beer and TV, with jobs second. As we arrived back at the boat and found the toolboxes out, we were half right as the TV was also on. In checking the coolant, they found a bolt missing in the engine and the only way to replace it was for Paul to call his dad to get him to a hardware store. So Paul had just left and Pete resorted to TV. We unpacked the shopping and trawled Trip Advisor for restaurant info, deciding on a top 3 in preparation for Paul’s return with the bolt. Apparently the plan is to head off early tomorrow with a view to making Pittwater on Saturday.

We had sundowners and snacks, though we couldn’t see the sunset today, whilst Paul sorted the bolt. Then Pete found a damp patch in his bed and despite pulling the whole cabin apart, we could find no issues other than perhaps some rain ingress from the big blow yesterday. So we stripped the bed and made the top bunk in my cabin, so at least he had a dry bed for tonight. Finally, we were ready to go out and hit the bars of Coffs Harbour Jetty!

After a short period of indecision, we decided to eat at Element – the old surf shop. We started with a table indoors, but they offered to move us to a quieter table. This turned out to be right down the back near the kitchen where the music was really loud and we had to sit on high stools! So we went back for the original table, which had now gone! We ended up outside, but it was comfortable and quiet. Great meal, ribs, pork, chook wings. The boys enjoyed some good beer and Clare and I had a red. We headed back to Pilgrim via the ice cream shop where my eyes were way too big for my belly and ice cream lasted me all the way back to the boat where I could hardly hoist myself up the side.

Consequently I lay awake with my tummy grumbling for the bulk of the night, so had an absolutely terrible nights sleep, made worse by rain. I had to get up and close the hatches because the wind direction now meant it was coming in through our bedroom and bathroom hatches. Once that job was done, I did manage to get a little sleep, but as daylight started to show, and the others started to move around, I buried my head under the covers. No going up for coffee at the yacht club this morning.

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