Getting ready to rumble…

It feels great to be getting back into the routine. As departure approaches I’m now in my route planning routine. Every 12 hours, when the new forecasts are released, I download the 6 models from Predictwind and import them into Expedition to run my optimized routes at 6 hour departure times. Currently I’m debating slightly stronger winds at the start (Thursday) vs having to go upwind towards the end (Friday). This goes right up to departure. Currently thinking of an overnighter to Coffs leaving Thursday arvo. Then a shortish push to Southport on Saturday and maybe to Mooloolaba on Sunday.

In other stuff. I have pulled out the genset and replaced it with a 12V pressure pump for the reverse osmosis water maker. Probably pulled out about 100kg of weight in the process. The water throughput is lower but quality is higher and at 32 Amps I can run it pretty comfortably anytime its sunny. In removing the genset I may have solve some niggling electrical issues. Its early days on that last one but I’ll keep you posted.

Some final provisioning over the next couple of days then it is on… LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!

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