With the craziness of two race week regattas fading into the background, we have been taking time to settle back into a normal life aboard. Our dear friends and crew all headed back to Sydney over the course of a week and we had some great farewell breakfasts, lunches and dinners with them all. It was sad to say good bye, but kind of nice to be returning our home to normal. The difference for us in this part of the trip is that we now have Pete’s parents, Fran and Choppa, living aboard with us, to sail north as far as possible. Luckily we can adjust to life four up in the marina, before we put to sea. This gives Fran and Choppa the chance to get used to the boat and where things are, as we have changed quite a lot since they were last on board with us. Our plan is to sail up to the Palm Isles for our first outing, which is a short hop from Maggie, and will get them used to life on the ocean wave!

Since race week finished we have been slowly preparing for departure, getting some critical works completed, researching Indonesia, getting doctors visits out of the way as well as sight seeing. Pete has now replaced the masthead light with a Hella Marine anchor light and tricolour, after the failure of our third Lopu masthead unit. He has also replaced the horizontal gooseneck bolt, which had been wearing, with great help from Paul. We are also doing some general maintenance to ensure all the gear is in good shape for the next leg. Cairns will likely be our last opportunity for any major boat works or repairs.

Fran and Choppa did the Forts Walk and really enjoyed it, seeing a few koalas. We all went out for a few hours in the Goon Bag, visiting some of the island beaches for a swim, and we had a beautiful susnset sip and sail with good friends Clare and Paul on Pilgrim. Yesterday, we headed to Townsville for the day, to have a look at the city and pick up some supplies we knew were impossible to get on the island. We started the day with a drive along the Strand, followed by a drive up Castle Hill. We did several of the look out trails and really enjoyed the fantastic views over both the ocean and the country.

We shopped in Flinders Street, had coffee at Bulletin Place, went to the biggest bolt shop ever out beyond the airport (for the gooseneck bolt) and went to Ottos, the wonderful deli and grocery and had a late lunch and purchased some supplies for the next leg of the trip. Coming back on the 1545 ferry we were all pretty tired, and had an early night.

For the next three days, Pete is doing his diving ticket, before we leave Maggie probably on Tuesday next week. With nothing terribly exciting to report for the moment except that we are now all well, and fully rested after the crazy business of racing, I will just follow this update with some pics from the last few weeks.

Maggie relaxing….

water sports….

Big city outing….

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