Where have we been hiding?

Since our last post we have been island hopping north, and have lots of photos of great weather, new friends, lovely beaches and beautiful anchorages. I have a very hefty draft blog which I dont intend to completely bore you with, so I will do a photopost with some explanatory comment for now. We can do detail later!

We went back to Keppel from Northwest, but had such a terrible rolly night there, we went into Rosslyn Bay in despair! Our coffee from the UK still hadnt arrived, so we did a major provision, arranged to redirect the coffee and headed up to Port Clinton. We sat out 2 days of 20-25 knots very comfortably in a very quiet Port Clinton, then headed out to the islands, making Hexham our first stop. Utterly gorgeous, perfect conditions, and new friends as well as a speck of internet access at the top of the hill!

From Hexham we decided to go to Middle Percy, as we have never been there in Wine-Dark Sea and we wanted to leave something at the A Frame. We ended up staying for 3 nights, as conditions were superb – no swell, so comfortable even in West Bay! Again, we made new friends, met up with some we had met in earlier locations, and got to know the locals! We even had goat curry, from an island goat, freshly slaughtered for the purpose.

Leaving Percy in zero wind, we spent a night a Curlew, before putting Noel Patrick’s Curtis Coast away, and getting out 100 Magic Miles as we enter the Whitsundays via Scawfell. We had intended to head to Keswick and St Bees and pick up a mooring in Egremont Passage, but on calling the Island, we have been told that all the moorings got washed away during Cyclone Debbie. As the anchorages arent great there, plus it being spring tides with a full moon tonight, we have decided for forego the visit to Keswick.

Following is a selection of photos covering the above anchorages, walks, sunsets and islands, from Port Clinton to Curlew.

Port Clinton:

From Port Clinton, we did an island tour of Cheviot and High Peak, in case they were good for anchoring. Cheviot was too rocky, and we had a run in with a coral bommie at High Peak, so had to floor it to get to Hexham before dark:

Beautiful Hexham:

Middle Percy, stopping at Dolphin Bay for a nudie swim, seeing a whale taking a power nap and finally, delightful West Bay anchorage:

And Curlew, where we say farewell to Noel Patricks Curtis Coast:

Hope you enjoy the photo selection, words to follow about the more interesting bits of this section of our trip!

One thought on “Where have we been hiding?

  1. Where have you been indeed. I’ve been missing your updates! Great to catch up on the oskand hopping & the goat curry yum yum!
    Stay well & warm.


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