Pancake Creek

We did 180 miles in 24 hours and made it around Fraser Island in the early hours of the morning, having seen 20 plus knots for most of the time, and doing some top speeds including 14.6 for both Pete and Snowy, but 15.2 for me. Go me!

In total we have covered 240 nautical miles in 30 hours and frankly we are buggered. We had to hand steer because of the seas, so it was a very tough night. Added to that getting very little sleep and by 10 this morning I was beside myself with lack of sleep knowing we were planning another 2 nights at sea. In addition, the wind did not abate all day, making for continuing hard graft for already shattered crew.

So we decided to head in to Pancake Creek and have a break from the slog. What a great decision. We got in here at around 4 pm, it’s smooth, a little breezy and cool, but at least we can now rest.

Dinner is warming in the oven, we are having a drink on deck and will have an early night. Have look at the sunset…



2 thoughts on “Pancake Creek

  1. Loving the blog Sa. Crazy flash backs to that last Moolloolaba trip… I seem to recall it as a very rough but fun delivery south afterwards that ended in Coffs due to the weather.


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