Monday 1 August

We have now been motoring for over 24 hours, catching the fleet, being overtaken, then catching them again. Winds generally pretty light, so no real sailing since the first night.

That first night was tough, trying to get into a watch system, lots of shipping doing unexpected manoeuvres, cold, wind, no wind, cats having issues getting their sea legs. However, we made it through the night to a fantastic sickle moon rise just before dawn, and a wonderful sunny day.

By the second night, the cats were more used to life aboard, I was managing to sleep in my 2 hours off watch, and we had some dolphin activity – and no I didn’t get a pic! There have been some whale sightings (of course not by me!), but not very many yet.

Our next challenge is some pretty crap weather due to come through tonight/tomorrow, and a number of different weather resources telling us different things. We have decided that we will stop at Southport for a break (we will have been 3 nights at sea), probably to refuel and generally to await the weather outcome. So far it’s looking like a big southerly, with a large swell. Good for moving fast, but not for going inside Fraser or island hopping.

Currntly we are all well, cats seem OK and we are about 5 miles off Angourie. Hoping to get to Southport early hours of tomorrow morning.


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