First full day on Pilgrim

we made an early start to discuss plans around the saloon table. The wind was fixed in the South east about 15-20 kts which meant that anywhere we wanted to go we would be bashing into it. So after some weather checks, pilot guide checks and discussion, we decided we would miss out on pancake creek for this trip and head straight out to Fitzroy. As Fitzroy is a coral lagoon, we need to arrive there in full daylight and not at low water, so given the tide situation, we need to leave here around midnight. Decision made to leave tomorrow night.

First thing we had to do was get fuel, so we headed over to the fuel dock at 8:30 whilst there was still plenty of tide under our keel. Whilst the boys sorted fuel, Clare and I headed to the fish co-op to stock up on fish for the trip. Fuelled up, back in our berth, we headed up to the marina cafe for a slap up breakfast and our first attempt to purchase ground coffee. This was unsuccessful. I decided to head to the beach for a swim, while everyone else pottered about, and it was Devine at the beach. Water warm enough not to give you a heart attack on entry, and despite the strong onshore breeze, lying on the beach was warm.

Back to Pilgrim for lunch, and we had fresh prawns, salad and delicious bread, with some wine. More relaxing after lunch, further addition to plan for leaving – we are going to head to Keppel Island for the day and we will leave from there tomorrow night, rather than having to be dictated by the amount of water in the marina. I took Pete for a swim at the beach, and when we got back had better success with the coffee. The cafe sold me a regular coffee cup of ground coffee for $5! Bargain. Back at Pilgrim, Clare and I sorted out what we needed for dinner, then it was over to the Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club for sundowners.

image image image

We we returned to Pilgrim for dinner preparation which was a team effort, Clare directing operations, me chopping, Pete cooking scallops and slicing the fabulous steaks, Paul cooking on the BBQ. We started with scallops in garlic butter (to die for), followed by the best steak ever with roasted spuds and a salad of spinach, mint, charcoaled corn and zucchini, roast sweet potato and feta. Needless to say a selection of excellent wine was imbibed. We finished the meal with Lindor balls.

an early night, in preparation for leaving tomorrow and because there is a very important rugby game to watch at 5 am! I feel like my health is returning after a day of relaxation, sunshine and swimming in the ocean.

3 thoughts on “First full day on Pilgrim

  1. At this point, a lot of food but not a lot of sailing !!!! Enjoy my friends 🙂
    And post a lot of sickening pictures for the European crowd entering winter….


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