Pilgrim at last

We landed in the beef capital of Australia without the mermaid tail! I realised I had left it on the first plane, and so decided to call up to see if it could retrieved. However the Yeppoon bus had left, and there was to be an hour and a half wait for the next one.


after a negotiated taxi ride of close to an hour, where I tried very hard to talk to Quantas, we finally arrived at Rosslyn Bay marina, in the late afternoon sun. Paul and Clare with friend John and the lovely Francesca were enjoying beers. Pete and I stripped off our winter woollies and joined in the beer drinking instantly! It was a rapid road to relaxation…

we headed over to the Capricornia yacht club for sudowners and a fabulous value roast beef dinner. We sat with Holy Cow team John and Kim and John, who found out he knew John Holy Coly from the old days, as he had been a drummer!

image image

Several bottles of rose later, we finally made it back to Pilgrim and fell into bed for a much needed sleep.

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