Happy Birthday Sarah

Today would have been Sarah’s 56th birthday.

Today I feel her loss as keenly as the day she was taken from us all too soon.

I can’t help but think what we would have been doing. I suspect we would have, as I have this morning, gone down and watched a beautiful sunrise over the ocean. I lament where I would have been doing this with her. Would it have been Freshwater from our old place up on Hill St? Would it be from the new place I have moved to in Dee Why? Would we have grabbed the COVID bull by the horns and used it as an opportunity to move to Magnetic Island as we planned?

As I sat pondering this on Dee Why beach as the sun rose this morning, I suspected it would have actually been the later. One thing I most appreciate in hindsight is how our relationship brought out the best in both of us. I don’t think either of us are actually naturally adventurous. Actually that’s probably not the best way to describe it. Both of us are cautious. But together we allowed each other to be bold. This was allowed by a knowing there was a supremely competent person that had our back heading toward a common goal. Neither of us would have bought Wine-Dark Sea without the other. I wouldn’t have started EecMec without Sarah’s support. Neither of us would have set out in 2017 without the unwavering support of the other. Sarah would not have planned her move to retirement without the knowledge that EecMec would support the both of us. A return on the supportive investment 5 years prior.

A debt I am now not able to repay.

So I leave you with this today. Give the gift of support to your partner. Support them to allow them all they can be and more. The greatest joy is found when the two of you become more than the sum of the parts.

I miss you my Little Welsh Dragon.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sarah

  1. Another wonderful tribute to our friend. Despite that we didn’t see or speak together that often, I miss her so much. She is in my mind so often… I can hardly imagine how you must feel…

    Pete, I think that Sa is very very proud of you as we are : on your own, you are moving forward, planning, making new projects… Go on, your happy and fulfilled life will be a tribute to our little Welsh Fragon we love so much.


  2. Beautiful words. If we are all feeling it hard, cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling. Congratulations on being positive and moving forwards – Sa really would be so proud of you as we all are. Huge hugs with lashings of green tea and fairy sparkles xxxxx


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