Day 5 Port of Bundaberg Marina and Bundaberg Base Hospital

So, it transpired that Paul did not make it into surgery until much later, and there was some confusion about whether he would get there at all, but more of that later. Though we were feeling tired, we got ourselves up to the marina office and hired the car ($49 for 24 hours) and headed into town to visit Paul and checkout Bundy. It was about a 20 minute drive for the marina into town, and we found the hospital fairly easily courtesy of imaps! We located Paul who was looking ok, and sat and chatted about the likelihood of surgery today. Things were looking a bit better with 2 of the guys ahead of him already in the theatre, and he felt that it would likely happen around 5:30 pm. We chatted with the nurse who was lovely and very helpful about things to do around town, and she recommended a groovy cafe that we should visit, as well as the distillery. She also suggested the turtle rookery at Mon Repos.

After saying goodbye to Paul, we headed out to Indulge (the name of the cafe!), and had a fab very late lunch, and excellent coffee and some rather good local IPA. Ere was a cool shop next door, where I bought a bag and 2 beach slips. Great clothes shops in Bundy! We didn’t make it to the distillery, as we were by this time pretty tired after last nights trip, so we headed back to the boat and all had some rest. We heard that Paul had gone into surgery. Whilst Pete and I slept, Clare did what she does and worked on an exit plan accounting for possible scenarios with Paul and weather.

When I surfaced around 6pm, we chatted through the palms over a glass of sparkling wine. Pete got up a little later and we discussed the various scenarios. The first was that Paul would get released on Friday. In that case we would head off on Friday, though weather conditions not so favourable and tides would be less favourable. Last possible day for exit of wide bay bar would be Tuesday. The alternative plan would be for Clare, Pete and I to take the current weather window and head to the inside passage by no later than lunchtime tomorrow (Thursday). We would head for Tin Can Bay and get Paul to meet us there Friday or Saturday. This would mean Paul would be with us for wide bay bar. It also means that we would make the weather and tide windows comfortably.

Both Pete and I were comfortable with the plan and alternative and agreed that it would depend on Paul’s surgery. After a couple more wines and a rum, we decided to have an early night at about 8, as we were still tired from the previous nights sail and of course all the stresses about Paul.
As we headed for bed, We heard from Paul that he had come out of surgery, and that he would be in until Saturday. They had opened and cleaned his knee but would wait 48 hours before stitching to check there is no infection in it from the coral. Then the croaking started. At first I thought it was possibly a bird on deck, so I got up and had a look around the deck, but could see nothing. The sound had stopped. As I returned to bed, it started up again, and then I heard strange rustling in the saloon. I poke my head around my door and checked that it was Clare – it was. Then Pete got up to check. No one could work out what it was except that it was definitely something in the water. Pete suggested it was cane toads, so we decided it was and left them croaking. They eventually did stop and we all had a very good nights sleep.

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