Delayed Departure

Stowage is now complete and the boat rigged ready to go. Somehow we did manage to stow all the booze. One might say enough booze to sink a ship but I think we have just managed to lower the waterline a centimeter or two. From memory we are sporting 6 packs of Moet, Bollinger, Piper […]

Boat prep and Northward bound

Boat preparations are going well, but not without the normal number of hiccups. A couple of jobs hanging over from her lift out are yet to be finalised. The toe rails are yet to be replaced and I have been advised they will be wood and not nylon as previously advise. Lighter but more maintenance […]

Sarah Jane Goddard-Jones

I am sure most of you are already aware. Sarah passed away on the 10th of June after a diving accident in Fish Rock Cave at South West Rock on the northern NSW coast. Her funeral was held on the 2nd July at North Suburbs Crematorium and was attended by more than 300 people from […]

Hot Springs, Cold Snow

Apologies for the confusion of having accidentally posted the start of this trip as a page, not a post. Still trying to work out how to fix that! If you have not yet seen the start of the trip “winter in Spring” find it on the main page. Also apologies for the lack of updates, […]

Final Countdown

Oh dear, it has been a while, but I thought I would finish up with some added Christmas Cheer! So here is the final installment of land cruising, as well as some snippets from Christmas. So we departed Collie around 1000, and began the big trek north back to Perth. Poor Pete was struggling with […]

Petey Pies Party

Pete’s birthday dawned cloudy after another night of thunder storms. We had card and present opening in bed, the gift I found at the winery yesterday, was a hit. It wasn’t wine! We had coffee all together and then Pete and I went off for a walk along the river. We walked the length of […]