Wine-Dark Sea is a Lyons 49, built in 2002 in Queensland. She belongs to Sarah and Pete, who have been her owners since 2010. We are pleased to say that she arrived safely in Sydney and has already been Sailing. You can see her on her new mooring in Shell Cove, with her resplendent red covers, where she now lives until we head off again on our adventures.

The blog provides a record of our adventures as they arise. In 2017, we had set off to circumnavigate Australia, but Cruising plans being written in the wet sand at low water, got washed away!


We have returned to Sydney to focus on building Pete’s business, and to be able to spend more time with family and friends, as well as to do more varied travelling. We had not realised until we were away, the extent to which we would miss these things. However, we are now planning what might happen next for our sailing adventures.

You can follow us on FaceBook through the Wine-Dark Sea page and check our position through skipr.net, by clicking on Wine-Dark Sea.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sarah – I just finished watching the new series ‘The Durrells’ and I really loved it – I’m sure you will too : ) They’ve really captured the characters and the setting just as I imagined from the Corfu Trilogy. And they’ve already started filming for season 2 on Corfu. Sounds like you guys are having a whale of a time on the high seas! And the cats have found their sea legs too : )


  2. Love reading your adventures, is there any way to reverse the order of the posts in the blog, would make it so much easier to read


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